Nature Regina’s Board of Directors is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in May. Executive positions are elected directly (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer); other directors are elected in-general. Chairs and Coordinators are appointed by the board.

The board of directors meets once a month (September-April) in the week after the monthly meeting. If you wish to bring an item to the attention of the board, please contact the president at You may also contact one of the others through this email with attention to their name in the subject line.

Board of Directors

President                           Elaine Ehman
Vice President                   VACANT
Secretary                           Donna Holmes
Treasurer                           Margaret Skeel
Past President                   Gary Seib
Director                             Jim Elliott
Director                             Linda Langenbacher
Director                             Tannis Marks
Director                             Lynn McCaslin
Director                             Kirsten Palmier
Director                             Daralyn Sheffield

Director                             Jeffrey Gamble


Chairs and Coordinators

Bird Counts                                 Brett Quiring
Conservation                               VACANT
Facebook Editor                         Ingrid Alesich
Field Trips                                    VACANT
Hidden Valley Sanctuary            Dale Hjertaas
Membership                                Dale Hjertaas
Native Prairie Garden                 Gail Fennell
News & Notes                             Helen McCaslin
Newsletter                                   Jim Elliott
Phoning                                        Ruth Englund
Program (General Meetings)      Elaine Ehman
Publicity                                        Ingrid Alesich
Social                                            Dorothy Rhead
Student Grant                              Janet Ng
Webmaster                                  Daralyn Sheffield

Youth & Public Engagement      Elaine 

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