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Our mission is to foster a greater appreciation of all aspects of the natural environment through presentations, field trips, education programs and environmental advocacy.


Nature Regina and Nature
Nature Regina promotes and encourages human connection directly with nature, our life source, through our programs and events. We engage people in exploring and enjoying nature, learning about our interconnected world, and conserving natural systems and biodiversity. Check out our Get Outside! programs, native plant activities, bird- friendly programs, field trips and other activities.


Nature and Climate Change
Nature is our ally! Every spring, along with our vast northern forests and ecosystems, our agricultural lands, city parks and yards, marshes, aspen groves, coolies and aquatic ecosystems wake up. When this happens, they breathe in vast amounts of C02, and photosynthesis kicks into overdrive.  The result is a measurable dip in the levels of atmospheric carbon. This is what nature can do.

Weather versus climate as shown by your clothes (Let’s Talk Science using images by Kubkoo, nataka and vectorikart via iStockphoto based on an image by the NOAA).

Nature is our ally as we face the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. These are deeply intertwined and best tackled as one with carbon-neutral and nature-positive targets. With biodiversity loss, nature is simplified and becomes less resilient at stabilizing change. With climate change, our very life support systems face changes that endanger us. Intact natural systems absorb carbon (carbon sequestration), keep it in the ground and provide an essential buffer against the impacts of climate change. Nature provides us with services that are essential to our health and well-being. From our physical needs of food, water and shelter to our mental and spiritual well-
being, we depend on natural systems. Conservation of these is not optional.


Nature-based solutions are largely undervalued, but are our first and most cost-effective strategies to counter these twin crises. We can immediately cut annual carbon emissions by large amounts by halting the loss of carbon- and nature-rich wetland, grassland and forest habitats, and thus conserve ecosystems and species at the same time. Without nature, there is no path to a sustainable future. That’s why conservation matters. 

However, just as important and key to our success, are our commitments. We can advocate for strong carbon emission reduction targets locally, provincially and nationally. We can turn away from burning fossil fuels, like gas, oil, coal or methane which each minute pump over 1,500 tons of carbon into the atmosphere, the number one driver of climate change disasters. Everyone has a role.


Climate change is a global issue that researchers believe will have serious, negative consequences in the future. With nations pledging net-zero carbon economies by 2050, how do we accelerate actions to protect, restore and care for nature? Innovation is the key, as well as citizens actively encouraging every level of government and community organization to build and subsidize renewable energy infrastructures, starting now.

Nature Regina believes in commitments to turn away from fossil fuels to protect, restore
and care for nature.


Thanks to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for giving us permission to utilize some of their core statements about Nature and Climate.


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Photo: Ingrid Alesich

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