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The Bird Safe Initiative, in association with, helps to bring awareness to the issue of bird building strikes while promoting the idea and reporting these strikes to the database on It helps to encourage the public to find ways to mitigate this issue. Collisions with glass comprises one of the top three human-caused sources of bird deaths in North America, where it is estimated that 1 billion birds a year die from collisions with buildings.  

Nature Regina holds BirdSafe events twice a year, one during Spring migration and the other during Fall migration. The purpose of our events is to bring awareness to the issue of bird – building collisions and to encourage citizens to focus on their problem windows. Everyone can help mitigate the issue of window collisions and in addition log any bird strikes to a national database on bird collisions called The Global Bird Collision Mapper (GBCM). Information on ways to mitigate your window collisions can be found at and logging collision data can easily be done by clicking the ‘report a collision’ tab on the same website. The information gathered from this citizen science initiative will be used in the future to help make both the residential and commercial areas of our city more bird friendly.  

A bird that has collided with glass could have sustained fatal internal injuries that are difficult to spot. Any bird that has suffered a window collision must be taken to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center for immediate treatment. It is important that you do not provide any food or water to the bird. If you are in the Regina area, contact Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation at (639) 999 - 4957.

For event dates please see our Calendar, or watch for notices in our e-news and newsletter. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact  

FeatherFriendly® Window Tape 


Nature Regina offers Feather Friendly® Window Tape that is easily installed on problem windows to deter bird strikes. Feather Friendly® is recognized, approved and endorsed by both the American Bird Conservancy and FLAP. 


In the future Nature Regina hopes to offer a bird collision hotline for members of the community. In the meantime, citizens can access the information provided at  


Send an order inquiry to and arrangements will be made for pickup or delivery.  

Please note that Nature Regina does not install the window tape but there are volunteers that are willing to do this and will be able to assist those needing installation. Find a video on how to install the tape here.

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