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Every Bite Project

by Elizabeth Verrall

Nature Regina has engaged in several partnerships over the years with other community groups. These relationships have extended the reach of Nature Regina in the community. 

EBP North Central Community Garden Tour 2022_edited.jpg
Every Bite Project North Central Community Garden Tour 2022

Nature Regina partners with the Every Bite Project on the Every Bite Affects the World Local Action Awards. These one-time awards of $800 recognize local actions helping people discover the connections between the food we eat, our own health, and the health of other living beings and the environment. Since 2022, eight awards have been given out, most recently to two new land-based education programs offered by Regina Public Schools. The award recipients to date are: 

  • North Central Community Association - Community Gardens 

  • Heritage Community Association - 11th Avenue Art Park 

  • Prairie Sky School - Food Forest and Mural 

  • Buffalo People Arts Institute 

  • Nature Regina Get Outside Program 

  • City Street Farms 

  • miskâsowin askîhk Program (finding oneself on the land) Campus Regina Public (high school) 

  • kiskinwahamatowin – Learning Together Thomson Community School (elementary school) 

Prairie Sky School students unveiling their food forest mural. 

The Every Bite Local Action Awards are funded through legacy donations made to the Every Bite Project in memory of Catherine Verrall who was well known in Regina's environmental activist community.  

EBP City Street Farms garden tour 2023_edited.jpg
Every Bite Project City Street Farms garden tour 2023
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