Nature Regina awards an annual Conservation Grant of up to $1500 for a student project that contributes to the conservation of nature and biological diversity. Usually only one grant is awarded each year.  


The Conservation Grant is targeted at students who need financial assistance and, on occasion, other kinds of help from naturalists, to carry out their nature-based projects. Projects that further the understanding of ecological relationships in the natural environment in Southern Saskatchewan are preferred candidates for the grant. 


Upon completion or near-completion of the project, the successful applicant is invited to make an oral presentation at one of the Society’s monthly meetings (September – May). If this is not possible, a full written report to Nature Regina is required.  

​The 2021 Student Conservations Grant was awarded to Kelsey Bell. Congratulations!  


Meet Kelsey.

I am a first-year Master’s student at the University of Regina, pursing a M.Sc. in Biology. I am originally from Winnipeg, MB, where I received my B.Sc. in Biology, from the University of Manitoba. I am an avid birder and I love to tell anyone willing to listen just how amazing birds are. In Winnipeg, I volunteer at Fort Whyte Alive as a birding guide and I am heavily involved with Delta Marsh Bird Observatory, assisting with public events and workshops. I hope to eventually turn my passion for birds and outreach into a career. 

I have a strong interest in grassland songbird ecology and conservation. This interest stems from several years of grassland bird research and surveying in North Dakota, Montana, and Manitoba. When the opportunity arose to study grassland birds in Saskatchewan, I jumped at the chance. My master’s research will examine the extent to which cattle grazing can be used to improve habitat suitability for threatened grassland birds. I consider myself lucky to be studying one of my favourite birds, the Sprague’s Pipit, and I am hopeful that my results will help guide grassland management strategies to improve and maintain habitat for avian species-at-risk. 



Small Grant 


Nature Regina’s purpose is:  

  • to foster, stimulate, develop and sustain an interest in, and understanding and enjoyment of, nature in all its various aspects; and 

  • preservation, protection and conservation of natural resources of every kind. 


Nature Regina occasionally provides small grants, generally less than $500, to assist conservation-minded individuals and organizations in research or conservation projects which help achieve our Society’s goals.   


To apply for a Small Grant, please submit a brief project description and budget that demonstrates how the project furthers our Society’s goals .