SOLD OUT - Thanks so much!

Feather Friendly Inc. is a conservation-oriented company whose mission is to raise awareness
about the bird-glass collision issue. Most people are unaware that collisions with glass comprise
one of the top three human-caused sources of bird deaths in North America, so educating people
about this serious threat to bird populations is a huge part of their company mission.

Nature Regina is partnering with Feather Friendly Inc. to promote our Bird Safe initiative May 9 to 15. We will post further details soon.


In advance of this event, we are offering an exciting product at a reduced price for our members
– Feather Friendly Residential DIY Markers:

  • Will not damage glass surfaces or exterior glass coatings such as Solar Reflective, Low-E, or other types of glass treatments;

  • Holds up to regular glass cleaning without issue;

  • Is durable and long-lasting. Our DIY markers will last 10 years or more if installed correctly; 

  • Each roll of DIY marker tape is 100 ft long, which is enough to protect 16 square feet of glass (equivalent to treating a 2.5' x 6.5' window).


This tape normally retails for $19.99 per roll but we are able to offer it to our members for
$15.00 per roll (all inclusive).

To get your own window tape please send your orders to and bring cash or a cheque made out to Nature Regina when picking up your order at the native plant garden at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. The garden groups will begin meeting the first week in May - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a.m.